Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Greaseproof Cupcake Liners for the New Year!

We have finally received our new shipment of greaseproof cupcake liners just in time for the new year. These liners are truly greaseproof and do not fade when baked in like all the other cupcake liners you have used in the past!

Why should you care you ask? Well, have you ever baked chocolate cupcakes in some really cute cupcake liners that you love only to take them out of the oven and find they have faded from the grease and are unrecognizable? This ruins the cuteness of the cupcake and leaves the overall presentation subpar. Our premium greaseproof cupcake liners do not fade at all with chocolate, red velvet, or even your own color concoction cupcakes. The patterns stay bright and do not fade at all even when baking with dark colored cakes. Check out our test photos on our website and social media pages to see the difference. The results speak for themselves!

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