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How Sweets & Treats Boutique came to be
Sweets & Treats Boutique was born out of a desperate need for modern, TRULY greaseproof cupcake liners that just did not exist in the market. Our founder and designer, Shannon Harvey, went through disappointment after disappointment when baking cupcakes because the so called 'greaseproof' cupcake liners that were available just did not cut it. Why spend time making beautiful cupcakes if the designs on the baking cups themselves would fade and look, well, greasy?!

Who Sweets & Treats Boutique Is
Sweets & Treats Boutique is a Louisiana based wholesale manufacturer and online cupcake and party supply web store for fun, unique cupcake liners, baking cups, and paper party straws for your upcoming special event. We take pride in the quality of our products and have spent much time testing each product to make sure it will exceed your expectations.

We specialize in creating one of a kind greaseproof cupcake liners. Our ColorBlock premium greaseproof cupcake liners have taken the baking industry by storm allowing both personal and professional bakers alike to enjoy the look of their culinary creations and take pride in their presentation without worrying of grease bleed through and design distortion. Our greaseproof cupcake liners guarantee bright, crisp colors and designs even when baking with darker colored cakes. No more wasting money by doubling up on liners. Our greaseproof cupcake liners stay bright, even the white, after baking!

Our baking liners are different from the rest. We have spent hundreds of hours baking and testing many types of papers to find the very best one to bring to your kitchens. You can trust that our liners will bake beautifully and the colors will remain vibrant with each and every cupcake you bake. Our passion is colorful, originally modern premium cupcake liners and baking cups that allow you to bake worry free. The difference is easy to see once you've baked with our liners!

In addition to our baking cups, we also carry our S&T brand paper party straws and portion cups. We have found that expanding our party supply product offering allows customers to use us as their one stop shop for all things party!
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