Wednesday, February 29, 2012

HUGE moving sale!!!

Everybody here at Sweets & Treats has been running around like crazy trying to get ready for our brand new, awesome, fantastic (do you think we are excited?) website!! And there are some things that we only have a few of or items that we have lots of that we just don't want to bring over to our new site. SO, we are discounted lots of items by at least 50% with many of them being 75% off! We know you'll love getting them at such a low price and we'll gladly let you get them out of our warehouse so we can make room for our new stuff!

Our customers are always looking to restock their stash for upcoming holidays and other parties. The catch is that this sale will only be going on from this Friday, March 2 through Monday, March 5 and once these items are sold out, that is it. We will not be restocking the same items. Some items will be new and improved version of some and others will be gone completely so don't take the chance that your favorite goodie bags or cupcake liners will be out before you got a chance to get them!

The first announcement will be sent out to the customers on our mailing list so be sure to sign up for that if you have not already done so. You can sign up for our mailing on our Facebook page or on our website.

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