Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Greaseproof Baking Cups: Are Yours Really?

Have you ever purchased baking cups online that you thought were greaseproof because well, they said greaseproof on the product page only to come home and bake in them and they turn transparent? Yes, so have we! How frustrating is this?

It's so hard to explain the difference between all other paper baking cups out there and ours so how about we show you instead? Because we are in the business of making baking cups, not pretty food photography {we suck at taking pretty photos}, Toni from Make.Bake.Celebrate so graciously let us borrow photos from her test blog post so we could do just that! 

When designing and trying to find the best way to market our brand new greaseproof liners, we even reconsidered calling them greaseproof since all the other 'greaseproof' liners out there really aren't. Would grease resistant be better? No, we didn't think so either. So, reluctantly, we kept the greaseproof part of the explanation and hoped the feedback from the marketplace and test photos would help the confusion subside. After all, seeing is believing, no?

Which liner would you trust to stay bright and the design clear even after baking? There is only one clear answer, Ours! When planning a party down to the smallest detail, you don't have time for your party supplies not to work as they should. Trust your baking to the best!

You can find the entire baking cup review here.

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