Friday, June 28, 2013

Craft Corner: DIY Patriotic Hanging Medallion

Here is a super easy and kid friendly craft DIY for your upcoming 4th of July celebrations. The list of supplies is very short and the costs are minimal. Gather the following materials in whatever color combinations you want. I chose to use red,white, and blue supplies for a Patriotic theme but these could be made for anything.

You'll need:

First you need to mush the centers of the paper straws as flat as you can get them and cross them over each other alternating colors and fanning them out in a complete circle. I put double sided tape in between each one but you could use hot glue as well. 


Once the straws are done, set them aside and begin the baking cups. I folded each one back and forth from edge to edge like a roman shade then folded each one in half. I taped each edge to the other of the next cupcake liner in order until i had the full circle done as well. You could certainly use more baking cups but i only used 4. 

This is the step where i tied a little baker's twine around the center so i could hang my medallion. I then taped (or you could hot glue) the liner medallion over the center of the straws. From there I designed a quick Happy 4th graphic that i then punched out with a scalloped edge paper punch. You could also have your kids decorate a punched out circle before you tape it over the center then hang it up for all to see. 

This could be made with any paper supplies you might have laying around or ones that you plan on coordinating with for a styled party. The possibilities are endless! 
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