Thursday, September 27, 2012

Real Parties: Purple and Yellow

We have noticed more and more great color combinations of party supplies heading out the door everyday and thought it would be good to post a few pictures of them for our readers before we package them up. It's easier to see something visually together than trying to imagine it together when seeing it separate. At least that's how us visual folks over here at S&T feel! 

Here are some purple and yellow party supplies. Since football season is upon us, the first thing that comes to our minds is Louisianan State University (LSU) tailgating party or even one for the Minnesota Vikings. We've also had feedback saying this could be for a Tangled birthday party. How great would some cartoon additions from the movie Tangled be to go along with these? Either way, we know you'll make the most of these fun and festive colors!! 

This picture taken from our Instagram account shows yellow and purple dot portion, nut, candy cups, yellow stripe and purple dot paper party straws, and yellow and purple chevron and rugby stripe goodie favor treat bags.

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