Thursday, October 18, 2012

NEW Website design & Shopping Options!

Today is a HUGE day for us and has been a long time coming. We started with a very modest website but as our company vision changed we realized that we needed more. Our customers need to be able to find products quickly and easily with multiple sorting capabilities and our wholesale customers need to be able to buy stock for their shops without discount codes and expensive shipping methods but still having multiple packaging options to choose from. Our product designs and inventory offering caters to just about any company from bakeries to party supply shops to even the smallest of event planners.

You can shop by category across the top of our site or shop by theme, color, or even pattern along the left hand column. Our greaseproof cupcake liners are available in retail packs of 50 count, 500 count bulk sleeves, or 10,000 count wholesale baking cup cases. The wholesale minimum for our paper straws is 40 25-count packs and 50 12-count packs for goodie bags. 

We hope you enjoy our new website and welcome any feedback you might have. Happy Shopping!!

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