Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to fill and bake cupcakes evenly

The most common question i get is how i would recommend to fill our liners so that the cupcakes bake evenly without adding a lot of extra time to the baking process. Although this certainly does not just apply to our baking cups, those are the ones i have experience baking in. I don't use those silly cupcake pan fillers, piping bags, or even measuring cups. My method is simple, easy, and fast. In addition to the usual (mixer, batter, and cupcake liners), I use a rubber spatula that has a flat side and a medium OXO cookie scoop. 

I fill the cookie scoop completely and run the rubber spatula over the top to scrape off any extra batter. This gives me constantly the exact same amount of batter each time. 

From there, i squeeze the handle of the scooper and drop the batter into the cupcake liner and I do this twice with the medium scoop. 

This particular scoop I found works better with two scoops than the batter in one large scoop because it is too much batter. You can experiment with your own and find the perfect fit for you. You may like a little more batter than I do. That's it! It's not difficult or any more time consuming than trying to measure or wipe out the spoon/scoop to make sure all the batter gets out. This cookie scoop has a mechanism inside of it that scrapes the scoop for you.

I have found this to be the easiest and most effective way to fill the pans for uniformly sized cupcakes. The key here is to scrape the top with the spatula since not doing so could allow inconstant amounts of batter into the liner depending on how much is sitting on the scoop once you remove it from the batter.

It sounds simple i know but it's the most common question i get regarding our liners and the result once the cupcakes are baked in them. We care about the quality AND look of your cupcakes.

Happy baking!


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