Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Craft Corner: Easy DIY Straw Flag

I love to give away freebies and our party straws flags are one of those things. After doing my daughter's pastel princess 2nd birthday party and cutting out each one of those straw flags by hand, I realized that it's kind of a pain in the butt actually. It is cute but pretty time consuming and after pulling an all nighter because the stomach virus hit our family at the exact wrong time, I wanted to use a whole different and so much easier one next time. After all, who has time to waste?

So, here is the easiest straw flag you will ever make! Here is what you need: pretty paper straws, patterned paper or designed graphics if you are into that sort of thing (which i am!), scissors, pretty washi tape, and this oh so easy and cute flag paper punch. I got mine from Hobby Lobby but they also have this one on Amazon. It is my most favorite recent purchase.

Print out your graphics if you chose to go that route and take that or your patterned paper and insert it into the paper punch and punch away. You'll instantly have as many flags as you want. See where the whole cutting by hand is skipped? From there, cut a piece of super cute washi tape to match and tape it on your straw. That's it! See, i told you it was easy and really how adorable is it? These would even be cute as easy cupcake toppers or skip the straw and use the flags for cake bunting. So may easy ways to incorporate this!


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